Prakaash Hari, Wildlife photographer, Botswana.

Mr. Bala Muralis passion towards nature and wildlife cannot be told in few lines. In a nutshell He capture the mood and scene in a quite uniqie and distinct way. His compositions are supetlative and will not compromise on any single element photography field carries. This i have keenly noticed once i had an opportunity to photographed with him few days in the wild at Botswana.

What is great thing about him is He is a person who loves to travel all over the world to document not only wildlife but also to document the importance monumemts and architecture aptly to share amd portrait to public.

His ambition and goals towards in search of lost and untold stories about indian temple’s and architects should be a great success and i am eagerly looking forward to this interesting facts and stories and pictures fervently.

I wish him all the best in his endeavors. Happy clicking..