Gopinath Krishnamurthy, UK.

“Mr Balamurali a.k.a. “Bala” amongst his friends, is a multi-faceted personality with a bagful of talent and capabilities. A professionally qualified Mechanical Engineer who started off in Alagappa College of Engineering Karaikudi (interior Tamil Nadu a region also known as Chettinad) and completed his Masters in Engineering at Tashket State Technical University which was then part of erstwhile USSR and now known as Uzbekistan.”

There are a few things in one’s life that can kindle the kind of passion one associates with complete immersion in the task ahead and forgetting one’s reality and getting drowned in his passion.

The three things that would fall into the circle of Bala’s passion:

a) Photography – he pursues with a zeal of a fanatic! The fervour with which he want conquer what he sees with his eyes into the box called “camera” has to be seen to be understood. Starting from his school days with a normal 35mm camera to today’s cameras with lenses that cost in thousands of dollars, one has to look into his eyes and ask him who he loves more his daughter? Or his Camera?

b) Travel – Guess this is not a surprise for a man who clearly loves to be outdoors in the nature to feel equally passionate about travel. This travel bug in him has made him visit more than 50 countries all over the globe. And the list continues……

c) Blogging – With the kind of energy and passion with which he looks at things – Bala’s eyes have a flair to penetrate various topics but the beauty of the writing style of this avid blogger is that he mastered a sense of humour which absolutely looks at every issue or topic of interest with a pinch of humour and Bala loves to laugh at himself and all the goofy things that have gone wrong in his life. This ability to enjoy his own absurdities to the point of demeaning himself with a huge dose of humour makes his writing style thoroughly enjoyable. “Mulriyin Diary” that he writes in Tamil is a blog that takes you to different places he has been to, different incidents and experiences. There is also a scholastic and research-oriented blogs of Bala called “Varalatrai thedi” ( which loosely translates from Tamil to English as “ In search of History”) that touch upon history, especially ancient history and civilization. Within that he has a soft corner in his heart to focus on ancient history and origins of human civilization in Southern India with special emphasis on Dravidian and Tamil history.

d) And as the colloquial saying goes “Way to a Man’s heart is through his stomach” 😊 . So not only as his spouse treated Bala to years of wonderful and yummy food but she has inspired him to continue his search for perfect recipes that he started in his University days to continue till this day (Psssst…. To taste Bala’s non-veg food means you have done some good karma in your previous lives).

This Man has been bestowed and blessed in many ways by GOD and among other things he is lucky to have a wonderful and 100% supporting wife and a pretty daughter who is on her way to become a Dentist.